Antonio Brown Targets JuJu Smith-Schuster & Derek Carr In New Rant


Antonio Brown is easily one of the best wide receivers in the entire NFL although thanks to his alleged conduct off the field, he hasn’t been able to show off his skills. AB’s situation is distressing, to say the least, although, after his workout with the New Orleans Saints, it seemed as though things were finally started to work out. Unfortunately, Brown has taken yet another step in the wrong direction as now, he is shifting his focus to going on rants on social media.

This time around, Brown is shifting gears to some former teammates. In the first tweet, Brown gets cryptic as he explains how he wants to buy Derek Carr’s house in Las Vegas. From there, Brown goes off on JuJu Smith-Schuster and completely butchers the poor man’s name. In this tweet, Brown takes aim at Smith-Schuster’s stats this season.

Overall, it’s a pretty petty rant that was unnecessary, to begin with. At this point, Brown should know better especially with a potential Saints contract on the horizon. Perhaps Brown knows something we don’t in regards to his Saints talks and is now lashing out because of it. AB is a complicated man and we’ll probably never know the answer to this question.

Regardless, Brown won’t be back in the NFL anytime soon if he keeps tweeting like this.


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