Antonio Brown To Re-Do Condo Deposition After Disastrous First Attempt


Antonio Brown continues to be a staple of sports news coverage thanks to his bizarre antics that have completely shocked both NFL teams and its fans. Prior to 2017, Brown didn’t seem to have any history of these types of incidents although, after the hit he received from Vontaze Burfict, things began to change. While you can interpret that in any way you see fit, it certainly seems a bit curious. Having said that, AB is currently being sued by The Mansions at Acqualina for allegedly doing damage to his condo in Miami.

Brown already settled with the father of a child who was almost hit by the furniture that was thrown out of his window. Recently, Brown was a part of a deposition for the aforementioned lawsuit and in a report from TMZ Sports, he was “extremely noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly, to the point that he frustrated the totality of the proceeding.”

The star wide receiver ended up leaving the deposition early and now, he is being asked for a re-do. According to TMZ, Brown has decided to comply and will have to meet with lawyers on December 12th. If Brown pulls the same antics as last time, he could have some dire legal ramifications on the horizon.

When you mix this with the NFL’s investigation against him, it’s clear that football should be the last thing on AB’s mind right now.


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