Antonio Brown’s Assault Accuser Details Truck Attack, Claims AB Threw Rock


Antonio Brown’s been at the center of controversy in the past few weeks, if not months. The former NFL player was accused of battery and burglary this week after an altercation with a moving truck driver. According to TMZ, the moving truck driver has now claimed the alleged attack and has shared more details pertaining to the incident. In addition to the assault, the police report says that Antonio Brown also threw a rock at his vehicle and caused further damage.

The driver said that he was hired to make a delivery to AB for $4K. When he asked for the money, AB reportedly made it clear he wasn’t going to pay him. From there, the police report says that the driver tried to leave with AB’s property in the back of his truck but that’s when AB threw a rock at his vehicle which caused damage. The driver then called the police.

After finally getting out of the situation, he was asked by the hiring company to go to AB’s place for the delivery. AB was apparently going to drop the $4K in addition to covering the damages with another $860. Although AB paid the $4K, he reportedly didn’t pay the promised $860 for the damages and additional effect.

As the argument began to hear up, that’s when the driver said Brown made his way into the cabin and started to attack him. AB’s associates pulled him back but things got even worse from there. The publication reports that AB’s trainer then grabbed the keys to open the truck for Brown to obtain what was stored in the back. 

As the driver attempted to fight back, he was cut on his hand and later sustained injuries elsewhere on his body. In the midst of the altercation, damages were made to other property in the truck. 

AB’s trainer has since been arrested but police are still trying to get Brown in custody. 


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