Anuel AA & Ozuna Drop Their Full-Length Joint Project “Los Dioses”


Anuel AA and Ozuna have already each established themselves as powerful figures in Latin pop, consistently producing chart-toppers both in Latin America and across the globe. The pair have already collaborated numerous times on hits like “Adicto,” “Cambio,” and “Patek,” and their established chemistry is on full display as the pair lay down 12 more tracks together for their high awaited joint album Los Dioses (The Gods). 

Standouts from the album include the fourth track “Antes,” which shows the duo surfing on an uptempo reggaeton beat captivating enough to make anyone wish nightclubs were open again.  “RD” is another standout, a slightly-seductive trap-inspired tune penned as an ode to the Dominican Republic. “Nena Buena,” “Contra el Mundo,” and the album’s final track “Municiones,” are also all highpoints of the project. 

“There’s no other artist that I feel flows and hits perfectly with me,” Anuel AA told Apple Music in an interview for the album about making music with Ozuna. “My favorite songs are with him, and he thinks the same of mine.” He continued, “The name Los Dioses came about because I’m not human,” Anuel says. “It is thanks to God that we are in this elite league.” 

Listen to Los Dioses and let us know what you think of the duo’s joint effort down in the comments.


1. Los Dioses

2. 100

3. Antes

4. Dime Tù

5. RD

6. Nena Buena 

7. Contra el Mundo

8. Perreo

9. Perfecto

10. La Maria 

11. Nunca 

12. Municiones