Apple Releases Groundbreaking Trailer For LGBTQ Docuseries “Visible”


As society continues to progress, the rise of representation from all facets of culture is now being encouraged to be put on display. Representation from race, religion, subcultures, and sexual orientation have seen a massive spike in mainstream media and television. And now, Apple TV’s new docuseries, Visible: Out On Television, will examine the presence of the LGBTQIA+ community in film and television. 

The five-episode series will explore the history of the queer community in media and television dating back nearly 50 years when the first openly gay sitcom character appeared on the 1971 show, All In The Family. Visible will also investigate the early taboos, homophobia, and early censorship the LGBTQ community was forced to endure throughout the rise of influential television programming. 

Visible will touch on everything from historical events like Stonewall and the AIDS epidemic to the rise of queer influence with shows like Queer Eye and Pose. In recent history, we’ve seen popular personalities like Kid Cudi and Pete Davidson reach out to the stars of Queer Eye for their expertise, and the hip-hop realm openly accept the gay community. And now, Visible will provide the masses of an introspective look into the on-screen gay community. 

Visible will also feature a line-up of interviews from some of the relevant entertainment icons in the queer community including Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow, Billy Porter, Indya Moore, Anderson Cooper, Lena Waithe, Asia Kate Dillon, and Oprah. 

Check out the groundbreaking new trailer for Visible: Out On Television below and be on the lookout for the docuseries to hit the Apple TV+ streaming service on Feb. 14. 


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