Apryl Jones Appears Unfazed Amid Lil Fizz Breakup Rumors


Since it was reported over the weekend that Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz stopped following each other on Instagram, anything either of them post on social media is bound to be interpreted through the lens of their apparent breakup. The same applies to Omarion, as he has been a constant third party within discussions of Apryl and Fizz’s relationship. For those who don’t know, Apryl is Omarion’s ex and baby mama, and Fizz is his former B2K groupmate. Despite people expecting a petty reaction from Omarion regarding the matter, he has remained commendably indifferent. Fizz has been the one receiving all the clowning for blocking his own bag, since he is being left off the upcoming “Millennium” tour that B2K is going on. 

Apryl took to Instagram to show the world (and probably Fizz) that she is still glowing on her own. She posted a mirror selfie video – showing off her flawless skin, playing with her hair and doing a little dance. According to the post’s geotag, she was located in “My Own World”, where seemingly drama cannot reach her. 

Apryl was rumored to have cheated on Fizz with FBG Babygoat last month, but her and Fizz appeared to stay on good terms after that story broke. We’ll have to wait to get some more details about the breakup. 

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