AR-Ab Associate Dark Lo Pleads Guilty To Witness Intimidation: Report


The case involving the Original Block Hustlaz label and AR-Ab, real name Abdul Ibrahim West, continues to take twists and turns. It was back in 2018 when Philadelphia prosecutors came down on the label for its alleged involvement in a drug operation. Rapper Charles “Dark Lo” Salley released a song titled “Allegations” following AR-Ab’s arrest where he spun lyrics about “a rat” who he claims cooperated with authorities to take down his friend. According to The Philadelphia Enquirer, Dark Lo rapped that the mystery person responsible would be found and shot.

There was, indeed, a government witness named Dontez “Taz” Stewart who was arrested with the group, and after his identity was revealed, it’s reported that “Allegations” was the first in a series of threats Dark Lo allegedly made against him. “His lyrics promote gun violence and his music videos depict images of drug dealing and weapons possession,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin Ashenfelter wrote in court documents back in 2019. “Plainly, he is a danger to the community and he enjoys that image, using it as a platform to sell his music.”

As the story goes, Stewart received a letter from an alias of Dark Lo’s where Stweart is referred to as “Stuart Little,” a reference to the mouse character. Prosecutors claimed that the letter included multiple threats against Stewart and his family if he testifies, including threats of sexually assaulting Stewart’s wife and stabbing him in prison.

In an interview in 2019, Salley allegedly told authorities that he didn’t see his letter as a threat because he knew Stewart personally. He suggested that it was a threat only if it was sent to a stranger, but because Stewart was “under” him, he “felt as though I could say that to him.”

Earlier this week, Dark Lo reportedly took a deal with the prosecution and the 39-year-old rapper “pleaded guilty to one count of witness intimidation.” He faces upwards of nine years in prison while AR-Ab is still awaiting sentencing after being convicted in 2019. It’s reported that he’s facing decades behind bars.