AR-Ab Denied Medical Attention For Kidney Failure, Infection In Prison: Report


Earlier this morning, Ar-Ab’s manager Poerilla revealed some extremely concerning details about the battle rapper’s health behind bars. Sharing a post to his page, he confirmed that AR-Ab caught an infection in prison and is being denied proper medical treatment.

A petition was launched for AR-Ab, pushing the Gov, Tom Wolf to intervene and provide medical attention to the rapper. AR-Ab has been incarcerated at the FDC in Philadelphia where he’s being held in solitary confinement without reason. AR-Ab is also reportedly suffering from kidney failure which he also has been denied medical care for.

“Started with a laceration that got infected. The infection spread all over his body causes his skin to blacken (burnt looking) which is constantly pushing & bleeding. He can’t use the bathroom (urine or feces)He can’t walk due to swelling in his legs & he’s shaking uncontrollably,” Poerilla wrote on his Instagram page. “He is being denied Medical Treatment.”

Poerilla began to urge everyone from Philadelphia to spread the message but specifically, he called out Meek Mill and Poundside Pop to rise to the occasion. Meek and AR-Ab’s issues have been well-documented in the past, though they’ve gone onto reconcile their issues. However, Meek emerged out of prison as the face of criminal and prison reform. And since he is a prominent figure in Philadelphia, it seems that Poerilla had expected Meek to, at the very least, shed light on the situation.

“AYO @MEEKMILL wassup with ur weird ass… U have all the possibilities of being HONORABLE but u keep showing us how feeble minded you is SUCKA… @ar_ab_32 the reason ppl believeb u was some what tuff, when in reality u just a dirt bike ryder that can rap… nothin more nothin less… that y u was always intimadated when real Gangstas stepped in the room,” he wrote on a post that read, “Whoever From Philly And Aint Post About What AR-AB GOING THRU… SMD.”

Poerilla then took aim at Poundside Pop, writing, “@poundsidepop if u gonna use Unc @ar_ab_32 as a part of ur amunition why not post him to help his conditions young????”

Neither Meek nor Poundside Pop has responded.