Ari Fletcher Gets Moneybagg Yo A New Trackhawk: “I Love You”


Ari Fletcher loves to spoil her boyfriend Moneybagg Yo, and vice versa. The couple has seemingly been going through a rough patch in the last few months, sparking breakup rumors on more than one occasion, but they’re working their way back toward a strong foundation, which continues with their love language of gifting each other extremely expensive things.

With Valentine’s Day coming up and an album on the way, Moneybagg Yo is getting a new gift from his girlfriend (in April) as a congratulatory present for completing his upcoming project. “Here’s a gift for your hard work and dedication,” wrote Ari in a direct message to Moneybagg. “Congratulations on your new album. I am so proud of you baby. I love you.”

Screenshot via Instagram

The gift is an expensive one, with Ari cashing out on a pre-order for a 2021 Jeep Trackhawk, one of Bagg’s favorite cars. “@therealkylesister too different,” wrote Bagg. “Preciate u love u gangsta.”

Moneybagg Yo has been rapping about Jeep Trackhawks for a while, so he must be excited to try out the latest model of the supercharged vehicle.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The rapper recently released his new single “Time Today”, which has been performing well on the Apple Music charts. It serves as one of the first singles for his upcoming album.

Hopefully, Ari and Bagg stay together until April, when the car is expected to arrive.