Ari Fletcher Responds To Criticism About Her Drinking At Son’s 3rd Birthday Party


Ari Fletcher and G Herbo’s son Yosohn recently turned three years old, and to celebrate the occasion, the former couple threw him a huge birthday bash over the weekend. Among the several people who were in attendance was G Herbo’s fiancé Taina Williams, with whom the rapper is expecting his second son. Taina Williams recently denied rumors that the couple was already dating while G Herbo was still with Ari back in 2018, and at the party, both Taina and Ari didn’t seem to have any hostility toward her.

With the lack of drama on that front, fans managed to still find an issue with Yosohn’s party, as they turned their attention to Ari drinking a Colt 45 while at a children’s party.

As seen above and in many other videos floating around the internet, Ari Fletcher was enjoying an alcoholic beverage during Yosohn’s party, and while some people may view that as normal behavior, several fans took an issue with Ari having alcohol at a three-year-old’s party. After catching wind of the criticisms, Ari took to Twitter to clear the air about her decision to drink at Yosohn’s party, revealing that she wasn’t the only person at the birthday bash who was having drinks.

“People mad I had liquor at my son party? I had a whole bar,” she wrote in a recent tweet. “We had fire shots, mixed drinks, ghetto drinks out of noodle cups… b*tch you name it and I had it in that b*tch. One thing about it… I’m gone have me a drink… f*ck y’all!”

Judging by her statement, Ari Fletcher is apparently unbothered with the criticism and doesn’t see an issue with having alcohol available at a child’s birthday party. Do you agree with her on this one?