Ari Lennox Drops Off Steamy Photos For Her Birthday, Twitter Goes Crazy


For the past couple of days, Ari Lennox has been trending on Twitter after she posted some stunning photos in the lead up to her 30th birthday, which happens to be today.

On Thursday, the “BMO” singer posted a series of party photos where she was all dolled up in a full face of makeup and sleek hairstyle, wearing a silky bra and shorts set with some dazzling pink heart hoop earrings. Fans certainly thought that the photos were sultry, but perhaps not quite so much as the photos that Ari posted even later on Thursday night, just a few hours before she officially turned 30. 

In a photo set captioned “Stella,” Ari wears a Boohoo high-waisted bikini printed with some tropical botanical features. She sits by the pool and gets into the water in the pictures, which show off her immaculate body that she clearly worked hard for. 

Many Twitter users wanted to make it clear that if this was the first time people were noticing Ari’s natural beauty, they were seriously behind. 





Others noted that it was strange how people seemingly have only noticed Ari’s beauty once she began wearing wigs and losing weight. 








Some complained that Ari should be getting back to making music rather than becoming an IG model. 



Most, however, just wanted to celebrate the artist and her amazing music. Happy 30th Ari!