Ari Lennox Goes Off On Fan Who Asked Her To Pass A Message To J. Cole


If you have a question for J. Cole, ask him directly. Don’t be coming to Ari Lennox (or Bas, Cozz, Omen, EarthGang, JID, Lute, or anybody else on Dreamville, for that matter) with your Cole-centric questions. At this point in her career, the songstress has one of the best albums of the entire year and we should be asking her about her. Not about her boss. The Dreamville singer went off on a fan who tried to get her to pass along a message to Cole on her recent live-stream, hilariously shutting them down in epic fashion.

Ryan Theriot/Getty Images

We’re going to start using this in real life. If you’ve got a question about somebody else, direct it to that person. If not, we’ll just hit you with the “I’m nobody’s assistant!” Shortly after praising one fan in the comments, the Shea Butter Baby joked that she would not be passing along a message to J. Cole.

“Ari, tell J. Cole to answer my DM,” read Lennox before she lost her cool. “Who the hell do you think I am? His assistant? Fuck outta here. I’m nobody’s assistant. I’m a goddamn singer. Tell him yourself, you little fuck.”

The way she calmly transitions to a question about her birthday is just perfect. Ari Lennox is a mood today. Keep that energy up.


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