Ari Lennox Goes On R-Rated Rant Defending Rihanna’s Right To Take Her Time


In a time of extreme divisiveness, there is one thing unifying the masses: the yearning for a new Rihanna album. It has been four years since her last release, Anti, and her fans are struggling to cope with this protracted hiatus. Despite all the classics she has given us and the endless list of creative endeavors she takes on, RiRi is consistently hounded for The Album. The lack of gratitude for her hustle and extensive oeuvre is astounding and someone had to speak up. That someone turned out to be Ari Lennox. 

Ari Lennox is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining artists on social media and she proved that with another hilarious IG Live moment. After being asked by a viewer how she felt about Rihanna not releasing music, Lennox went off. “I feel like… I look around me and see a world of glutinous f*cks,” the Shea Butter Baby singer started her R-rated rant. “Listen, Rihanna has been dropping hits, since she was a lil 16-year-old baby, Ponde-ing it all on the goddamn motherf*cking a** Replay. She never stops. This woman found love. This woman got a goddamn makeup company. This woman got a goddamn fashion line. This woman just became a billionaire f*cking sensation goddess and you little glutinous f*cks have the nerve to be screaming and crying about the fact that Rihanna hasn’t dropped any music?”

While Lennox may have indulged in hysterics for comedic effect, she spoke no falsehoods. She went on to describe how ecstatic (literally) we will all be when the music finally arrives, so there’s no point in complaining about the wait. Watch Lennox’s full testimony below, and remember to respect and appreciate Rihanna always. 


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