Ari Lennox Shares Explicit Remixes Of Classic Christmas Songs


Ari Lennox’s Shea Butter Baby was one of the best R&B albums of the year. Actually, in our opinion, it was THE best R&B album of the year. That’s why when she tweeted “Ari’s XXXmas Album available on Spotify and Apple!!!”, I rushed to my nearest streaming service. When I noticed that there was no new release on her profile, I went back to her tweet to verify I read it correctly. While I didn’t misread her message, in my haste, I did not pick up on the fact that she was just kidding. She merely wanted to share some “live snippets” of X-rated Christmas songs that she came up with off the dome.  

Lennox is known to be hilarious on her Instagram stories, but she may have outdone herself when remixing all our favorite Christmas classics. Take “Lil Dope Boy” for example, beautifully sung to the tune of “Little Drummer Boy”: “I have no hoe left in me / Pa rum pum pum pum / He freaked it out of me / Pa rum pum pum pum / Promised you’d give me a ring / Rum pum pum pum.”

The Dreamville songstress then reinvents a beloved Christmas character with “Frosty The Dope Man: “Frosty the dope man gave me some laced weed / Now, I’m sitting here paranoid / My dear, somebody rescue me.” 

“Let It Snow” is flipped into a rallying cry for the promiscuous: “Well that thing in his leather is frightening / trying to be with him all night / and since we got no place to go / We gon’ ho, we gon’ ho, we gon’ ho.”

Hopefully we’ll get the studio recordings of these remiXXXes in time for Christmas 2020. 


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