Ariana Grande Facing “7 Rings” Lawsuit From A Rapper Scorned


It’s no secret that modern-day pop songwriting can be, to put it lightly, a collaborative affair. Sometimes, a hit can be the product of many united minds, especially when million-dollar-plus major-label albums are in the mix. For example, Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” the lead single off thank u, next, features a staggering ten credited composers, including Ariana herself. And while that’s a mighty number in itself, one songwriter in particular is particularly rankled at his omission. So much so that he’s launched a full-scale lawsuit against Ariana, as reported by TMZ

Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images

According to the publication, a songwriter by the name of Josh Stone alleges that his song “You Need It, I Got It” features an identical melody and similar lyrics to Ari’s track — the chorus, in particular. Though the track (embedded below), at least on the surface, is hardly a dead ringer for Ari’s own, Stone maintains there is indeed a discernible trail leading back to him. As TMZ claims, Stone believes that his previous meetings with Universal Music Group and frequent Ariana collaborator Tommy Brown ultimately led to the unsolicited melody lift.

With his legal eagles gunning for the prize, Stone is said to be demanding profits, and the full-scale cancellation of Ari’s “7 Rings.” Do you think he has a case here? Or is this a reach to end all reaches? Check out the song below.


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