Ariana Grande Fans Are Going After Lizzo For Supposed “Good As Hell” Snub


When Ariana Grande jumped on the remix for Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” track it was a joyous moment for fans of both artists that finally got a tune with both female pop stars doing their thing. By no surprise, the original song soared to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and now Ariana fans are cheesed that Lizzo isn’t showing love to the “Sweetener” singer (allegedly) for her verse on the track that made the song reach such heights. 

Scott Legato/Getty Images

If you’ve jumped on Twitter today, you may have seen that a #LizzoIsOverParty is trending based on the latter. The issue people are having is due to the fact that Ariana wasn’t listed on the original song on the Billboard chart. People think the song is only on that chart due to Ariana’s remixed version. The drama has seemingly settled down as we write this since people are pointing out that Lizzo has no control over the Billboard charts and the song that is charting is not the remixed version, but the original. 

“Imagine being a Arianna Grande Stan and hating Lizzo for producing a song she made without her and when they do a remix she give her the credit for that remix but Arianna Stans think she should have credit for the orginal too,” one Twitter user wrote of the drama.

Peep more reactions to the trend below.


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