Ariana Grande Flirts With A$AP Rocky For Her Friend After Alleged Sex Tape Leak


It’s been two days in a row now that either a sex tape or somebody’s nudes have allegedly leaked online. This morning, we woke up to Steph Curry trending, realizing that it was for all the wrong reasons suddenly upon clicking into that mess. Twenty-four hours ago, the same thing could be said for A$AP Rocky. In his response to the alleged sex tape leak, Rocky denied any “slow strokes” that he was being clowned for, affirming that there are plenty of women around that can attest to his superior skills in bed. Ariana Grande’s friend witnessed the videotape and she was apparently turned on (unlike the majority of commenters). She was so thirsty that she decided to hit up her pop star friend, asking her to officially shoot her shot for her on social media, and Grande happily obliged.

Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images

Responding to A$AP Rocky’s tweet defending his manhood and his bedroom activity, Ariana Grande tried to get her close friend a date with the rapper. “My friend courtney says it looks just fine,” said Ari, referring to the rapper’s penis. She added Courtney’s contact information on social media, just in case Rocky feels a need to reply.

A$AP Rocky’s face is never shown in the short clip, which was originally uploaded to PornHub. However, the tattoos on the man’s body were enough to give away Flacko’s identity with many fans immediately realizing that he’s the dude in the clip. Do you think Courtney will have herself a Merry Christmas?


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