Arsonal Calls Cassidy “Delusional” & “Promotional Tactic” For Battle Rap Events


It had been five months since Arsonal Da Rebel and Cassidy went toe-to-toe during a URL battle rap show, and the event still hadn’t been shared online. While Arsonal was sure that his rhymes against the “Hotel” hitmaker would one day surface, he didn’t press the issue until he heard that Cassidy released a diss track against him days after the New Year celebrations.

Arsonal told The Breakfast Club that he wasn’t too worried about the episode’s release until he caught wind of Cassidy’s latest scathing track. He said he called up the powers that be and requested for his and Cassidy’s battle to be released, and within a day, the lyrical tit-for-tat hit the streets. Overnight, Cassidy found himself the butt of jokes on social media because of his performance, with many people teasing the emcee for not making much sense throughout what was supposed to be a lyrical attack.

During his chat with The Breakfast Club, Arsonal explained that prior to the show, he took over Cassidy’s dressing room because the venue tried to give him a small area. Arsonal didn’t acre because Cassidy was running late, and it may have caused a little bit of tension that spilled over onstage. “Cassidy is more of a promotional tactic,” Arsonal said about the “I’m a Hustla” rapper being “the face of battle rap.” 

“The leagues know they’re gonna bank off of Cassidy ’cause he’s a delusional character that everybody’s like enjoying to watch,” Arsonal said. “They enjoy watching him get beat up like that. ‘Cause before me, he battled my man Goodz and he tore him up. It’s like, they know the fans is gon’ watch it. They gon’ pay for it. They gon’ come to the event. So why not use ’em?” Watch Arsonal talk about Cassidy and the art of battle rapping below.


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