ASAP Rocky Explains Attempted Murder Charge At 16 Years Old


Angie Martinez’ Untold Stories of Hip-Hop highlighted many interesting stories ranging from Snoop and Pac’s final interaction to A$AP Rocky and Cardi B’s past lives. They’re creative artists that have gone through a great deal of trouble before their rise to fame. In his interview, Rocky shared his experiences as a teenager in Harlem. He admitted that he sold drugs to provide for himself, which made him a target by an older hoodlum.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Following the altercation, Rocky decided to meet up with the guy and speak with him. The conversation turned violent. He claimed that the older guy reached into his pocket, which made young Rocky believe he was taking out a gun. Young Rocky had a few seconds to react, which caused him to fire his gun at the bully. 

He stated in the interview that he didn’t even want to shoot him, let alone be caught in a fight. However, he was arrested and almost charged with attempted murder. The charges were reduced due to his age, although he still spent time in one of the U.S’s most dangerous prisons, Rikers’ Island. He explained how he met the Brooklyn rapper Cassanova who protected him in jail. When asked why he was holding a gun in the first place, Rocky responded ”it’s life man.” Rocky managed to leave the streets of Harlem unscathed, coming into a successful and creative career. 


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