Ashanti & Keyshia Cole Have Tense Moment During “Verzuz” Battle


Last night (January 21), the highly anticipated Verzuz battle between Ashanti and Keyshia Cole finally went down. While it was hands down an amazing battle as the singers went hit for hit, many noticed the obvious tension between the two songstresses. Keyshia arrived an hour and a half late to the battle, which may have influenced the overall energy of the Verzuz. One moment, in particular, highlighted the tension that was present in moments throughout the battle.   

In a clip from the battle last night shared by The Shade Room platform, which has already racked up 2 million views since being shared two hours ago, the tense moment between Ashanti and Keyshia Cole was captured around half-way through the battle. “KC can you hear me?” Ashanti asks in the clip. Keyshia then goes on to say, “I get to start it off.” Pausing for a moment, Ashanti reminds the songstress she just started the last round before laughing.

“No, no, no, I didn’t start, I didn’t start let’s go into that…” Keyshia insists while trying to play her next song still. Smiling awkwardly, Ashanti corrects her again, confirming with someone offscreen she had just gone with “I Should’ve Cheated,” before reminding her she started first. 

“That’s what I’m about to do, I’m bout to start again,” Keyshia continued to insist before Ashanti declared “No you not,” while letting out another laugh. Keyshia then reminds her she just ended the last battle so, “whatchu mean I’m not bout to start?” The exchange then gets a little heated when Ashanti and Keyshia go back and forth about which round they were on, with Ashanti being correct about it being her turn. Check out the full exchange below. 

One commentator assessed the reposted video in the comments writing, “Lmaoooooo they both giving big Libra vibes! KC was definitely drunk and feeling it, loved it.” Another added, “Not Ashanti put her in ha place.”

Despite the tension, the two singers have always maintained there is no drama between them. It is very likely that it might have just been a bad day for one of the singers, just like any of us have.