Ashanti Thirst Traps Have Jamie Foxx & Freddie Gibbs Lusting Hard


This goes without saying: Ashanti is aging in reverse. The First Lady of Murder Inc. has been around the music business for over a decade and she continues to show the world why she’s stuck around for so long. These days, through a combination of her music and stunning looks, Ashanti is as relevant as she ever has been.

Uploading social media thirst traps on the regular, it’s absolutely worth it to keep an eye on the R&B songstress’ page. The recent DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion collaborator turned heads by donning an outfit that would also have worked in the 90s. 

Rocking a bikini top with ample amounts of underboob showing, unbuttoned jean shorts, and gold accessories, Ashanti resembles the lifeguard down the street in this get-up. All she’s missing is a lollipop and this photo series would be enough to put a man in a coma.

As always, a number of stars have come out of hiding to reflect on how gorgeous the 39-year-old looks, including Jamie Foxx and Freddie Gibbs.

Leaving the eye emoji in one comment, Jamie Foxx doubled up and shot his shot, saying: “Kill em all din.”

Freddie Gibbs also came through with a simple, “Hell yeah.”

Hell yeah, indeed. Hell yeah, indeed…


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