Asian Doll Throws Punches On “Fight Night” Project


Until recently, Asian Doll’s (Asian Da Brat?) new project was supposed to be called UFC. Today, it released as Fight Night. Either of these titles would have been perfectly suitable. On every song, Asian Doll steps in the ring and punches out bars that ensure you know never to mess with her again. The Texas native prepared us for the onslaught of this project with two singles that asserted her tenacity: “Stank Walk” and the Yella Beezy-assisted “Cravin“. 

Now, we have twelve more tracks that pack that same energy. By glancing at the tracklist, you can see that you have several fighters to choose from. “Beat A Bitch Up”, “Run Up Get Dun Up”, “Lights Out” all impeccably stick to Fight Night‘s theme and inject you with tremendous levels of adrenaline. The only song that really switches up the mix would be “Dope Boy”, which features Yung Bleu. On here, Asian Doll uncharacteristically drenches her vocals in auto-tune to match her collaborator and the result is a success.

The weakest aspect of the project has to be the album cover, which features an awkwardly-placed parental advisory sticker and text art of the rapper’s name that looks sourced from Microsoft Word. Asian Doll even expressed her dismay at this packaging, tweeting “Not to happy right now with my cover art or nothing I feel disrespected on the cool.” Regardless of the cover, the strength of the content is not diminished. 


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