Aubrey O’Day Says Trump Jr. Threatened To Release Naked Photos Of Her


The alleged affair between Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr. was already a head-scratcher, but her continued revelations against the Trump family have captured attention. The Danity Kane singer previously appeared on Celebrity Apprentice nearly a decade ago and publicly stated that she was involved in an affair with Trump Jr. Aubrey has said that they were in love and has detailed her love tryst with the married businessman as well as shared alleged secrets about the Trump family.

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Jason Merritt / Staff / Getty Images

Not only did she say that she and Trump Jr. engaged in drug use while they were together, but Aubrey also tweeted weeks ago that “Don jr HATES his father. -ivanka is a lesbian on the low. -eric f*cked miss universe on the apprentice board room table while with his now wife.” On Thursday, the singer once again took aim at her alleged former lover after Trump Jr. accused the “highest levels of government” of conspiring against his father.

Aubrey retweeted his message and added, “Conspire against? wait.. isnt that the same thing you did to me when you discussed having a thumb drive of naked pictures and information about me that could be released in order to silence & discredit me if need be?” Trump Jr. avoids O’Day’s mentions, so don’t hold your breath waiting for his response. Check out her tweet below.