August Alsina Responds To A Fan Who Calls Him Gay


This summer, August Alsina suffered another setback with his health, temporarily losing the ability to walk and landing himself in the hospital again. The singer has struggled to maintain his health, dealing with a rare autoimmune disease on the daily. Several months after that reveal, Alsina told fans that he was undergoing an immunotherapy treatment very similar to chemotherapy, shocking his supporters again. He appears to be in good spirits though, remaining positive despite all of the insanity going on in his life. He recently shared a video of himself singing for the ‘gram and when a hater tried to drag him and call him gay, August came through with a sharp response.

One man chimed in in the comments with some negativity, suggesting that the singer is gay because of the way he “dub’d all the females.” Alsina didn’t take that lightly. “Imagine being a bull dagging butch,” wrote the musician in response. “Projecting your insecurities on to the next man cause you desperately want & crave the attention from women as such, that you gotta jump at everything that you see, that when a man is having friendly banter through interaction & communication (with HIS fans might i ass), you would assume it as gay. Whewwww the loneliness &misery jumped out my nigxa! We’re days away from 2020. Yal folks gotta stop using Gay as some type of slur & term of degradation. Especially when it’s who & what YOU are. Take a look in the mirror & Learn to love yourself.”

Amen, August. Amen. What do you think of his reply?


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