Aya Nakamura Releases Third Studio Album “AYA” Featuring Stormzy


If you open your horizons a touch, you’ll start to realize that, beyond the States, there’s some incredible music out there for you to discover.

Mali-born artist Aya Nakamura has been active for years, hitting her stride with “Djadja”, which currently has 700 million views on YouTube. The song has provided Aya with the platform to deliver her music to a wider range of listeners, breaking into the US market with her Lil Pump-assisted remix of “Pookie” last year.

In 2020, Aya has been working toward the release of her third studio album, coming today via Rec.118 and Warner Music France.

AYA is officially out now, featuring guest verses from Stormzy on the opening track, Ms. Banks, and OBOY.  The album includes the previously-released singles “Jolie nana” and “Doudou”.

Even if you don’t understand a word of French, you’ll fall in love with Aya Nakamura through her pop-infused raps and her eclectic vocal stylings.

Listen below.


1. Plus Jamais (feat. Stormzy)
2. Tchop
3. Doudou
4. Jolie nana
5. Fly
6. Biff
7. Sentiments grandissants
8. Love de moi
9. Ça blesse
10. Mon chéri
11. Hot
12. Nirvana
13. La machine
14. Mon Lossa (feat. Ms. Banks)
15. Préféré (feat. OBOY)