Ayanis & Queen Naija Check In With “Lil Boi (Big Talk)”


Songstress Ayanis is doubling down, following up on her Wiz Khalifa-assisted “One Night” track to return with a new collaboration in the form of “Lil Boi (Big talk),” featuring Queen Naija. On the new selection, the two sirens declare a resolution to direct their attention toward more established suitors: “If you ain’t no big boss, then what you here for?”

It makes for a strong outing from the budding Ayanis who finds herself effectively settling into the image of a dynamic star in the making. 

“[I’m] here to speak up for my girls,” Ayanis previously told Glitter of her emerging sound. “t’s a refreshing version of R&B that’s sexy, fun, and confident with nice grooves and heavy production, as well as touching on subjects of relationships and self-worth.”

Quotable Lyrics

Could have a real one by your side
But you out here chasing panties
I take it you never had
Someone to teach you what a man is
If that’s the case, either way
He can’t undo the damage

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