Azealia Banks Calls Rihanna “A B*tch” In Latest Rant Directed At Savage X Fenty


Azealia Banks is back at it again folks. No one is safe. Her latest target: Rihanna. If you’ve managed to keep up with Banks’ roasting spree this week, hats off to you because it’s a lot. If you haven’t, here’s what you need to know: In the last seven days, she has made wildly offensive comments about the creator of The Shade Room, Angelica Nwandu, calling her a “useless pig,” Elon Musk, calling him “Apartheid Clyde,” and Kim Kardashian, saying she has a “beat up c*ochie.” It’s just been one thing after another, really.

Twitter used to be Banks’ platform of choice for unnecessarily airing out her grievances, but since she was suspended for spewing vile, transphobic tweets back in October, Instagram is where she’s been popping off. Repeatedly. Most recently, she shared a series of IG stories, slamming Rihanna, her lingerie line Savage x Fenty, and anyone that has been promoting it.

“I’m sorry. But if you have traded in your dignity to be a savage fenty girl or a fashion nova mascot at any point you are officially an influencer and no longer a special entity. It pains me to watch all you back art girls be such followers and settle to campaign for cheaply constructed sweatshop items when we are truly the ones driving culture and should be first inline for the la perla campaigns,” she wrote. “This fast fashion shit makes all you girls look like cheap spineless chickenheads.”

“Then y’all go spend the money on more one use cheap Chinese hair end it’s just like….. China is really economically benefiting entirely too much from black womens beauty,” she continued. “Plus why the f*ck are you promoting clothing for a b*tch who would truly never collab with any of you girls or give you a real platform to begin with. Stop letting Rihanna feed off of your energies please. There has to be some secret racist corporate boardroom joke around getting black women to call themselves “Savages” Please, for the love of god, STOP WITH THIS SAVAGE BULLSH*T.”

“Like it’s clear as day. Eurocentric lingerie advertising is all about “Angels, pearls, and provocativeness” And they straight up got you all to accept “Savage,” as a means to describe ethnic women’s sexuality and use black obese and Spanish women as props And marketing tools. It’s some Sarah baartman sh*t. It’s so wrong lmao,” she went on. “JUST CALL IT FENTY OR SOMETHING. THE “SAVAGE,” TAG IS REALLY DISTURBING AND IT’S GHETTO AS SH*T LMAO. TRUST THAT THESE CORPORATIONS HAVE A SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND HOW THEY DIVIDE PEOPLE VIA CONSUMERISM. PLEASE STOP WEARING THAT BULLSH*T,” she concluded.