Azealia Banks Claims She’s A Victim Of Racism & Misogyny After Perez Hilton Fallout


Azealia Banks is the queen of controversy and has no issue stirring the pot at any given moment. In a recent Instagram story post, the songstress claimed she’s a victim of racism, misogyny, and sabotage.

In light of her past beef with notorious celebrity news blogger Perez Hilton, the rapper had some words for the people coming for her. The “Anna Wintour” singer received an immense amount of backlash in the past after calling Perez a homophobic slur in the middle of Twitter spat, back in 2013.

The blogger expressed his dislike for Banks’ beef with rapper Angel Haze at the time, and the fact that she was constantly spewing Rihanna slander, which led to a series of heated tweets between the two (of course, everything has since been deleted). 

“I will never forgive you h**s for trading me out for Perez,” Azealia wrote in her latest IG story, referencing the 2013 situation. Banks went on to allege that due to the fallout from this time in her life, she’s essentially been a victim of racism, misogyny, and more. She stated, “After everything I have done for you ungrateful b****es. Y’all repaid me with racism, sabotage, misogyny, harassment and bulls**t sensationalism.”

However, some spectators seemed to disagree and feel that Banks brings these issues upon herself with her never-ending antics.

“As far as I know she’s always picked on other people or been very opinionated on topics that don’t include her, but when we do the same to her she’s sad or in her feelings,” one user commented.

Another Instagram user added on to the negative testimonials commenting, “She literally fat-shamed Megan and said a whole bunch of rude sh*t about Doja. Azealia is problematic. She doesn’t have to say the f word to call him out and roast him. She does too much.”

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