Azealia Banks Shares Imaginative Movie Plot Line Inspired By Tesla


Azaelia brings the LOL’s in a new Instagram post. The outspoken star shared a photo of a Tesla, that looks like a car from the future, and captioned the post with a storyline from her imagination. Banks writes, “Everyone is clowning this car but I think it’s actually one of the better-looking things I’ve seen from Tesla tbh.”

Azealia Banks performing
Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images

The artist then suggests, “I think the only thing left to add is some sort of flood disaster component. Some sensor that when submerged in water becomes an airtight/buoyant sink proof submarine thing with 5 days of oxygen supply or something.” The thought is inspired but Banks doesn’t stop there, she takes it one step further suggesting a whole movie plotline around Elon Musk’s creation. Azealia writes, “Lol can you imagine what Hollywood will write about the couple who lived out their last five days at sea in a flood-proof Tesla. Dying of low oxygen only to be rescued at the last minute. Unfortunately in this movie – only the woman survives, she wakes up from a 7-day coma to find her lover has perished. dead on arrival.”

Azealia ends the post saying, “Sidebar, this iN PINK THO?! Game over.” Definitely agreed on that last part, and as for the rest, not sure if Hollywood would make this film but if it gets picked up Azealia should get the first crack at the role of the wife. 


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