Azealia Banks Shares Message For Fans: “I Wish You Would All Shut Up”


Many would argue that Azealia Banks’s career and incredible musical talent have been tainted by her tendency to take shots at literally everyone. Many artists have been subject to Bank’s wrath, either being accused of stealing her style or simply not being too good at what they do. She even recently came for the universally-adored Rihanna for her weight gain

One can fantasize about an alternative universe where Banks hadn’t incessantly made such caustic comments and people would be able to stan her free of any guilt. However, that is certainly not the reality we’re living in and there have been no signs that we’re heading in that direction. On Sunday, the “212” artist posted photos from her Elle Russia photoshoot and announced that she would be changing her Russian stage name. Banks has been spending time and recording in Russia, which seems to have been the birth place of her recently-released mixtape, Yung Rapunxel II.  

After a fan commented on one of her IG posts that they “just [wished] she would shut up” so that her words would stop interfering with her work, Banks clapped back with a lengthy response. She even took a screenshot of her response and posted it so everyone hears her message loud and clear. “I wish you would all shut up too!,” she wrote. “It’s really hard to focus and concentrate when the Internet allows non-ARTISTS and people with zero talent to have an opinion about anything.” The rest of the reprimand follows along these lines of telling people that their constant commenting on her life is responsible for the stifling of her career and output. “Music doesn’t come from me just because you demand it. Once you understand how you as an audience member need to stay in your place, stay in your seat, be quiet and not disturb the show on stage THEN… Azealia Banks will be the goody two shoes world wide phenom you want her to be.” 

Read the full message below. 


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