Azriel Clary Returns To Doing “Regular Things” After Leaving R. Kelly, Like Dancing


It’s been known for some time that, despite the endless list of sex-related crimes that R. Kelly is being charged with, he still had two girlfriends: Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage. Not much was spoken about these women, but they have been attracting tons of attention over the past few weeks. It all started when they got in a physical fight in Kelly’s Trump Tower condo in Chicago, where Clary and Savage were living. The end result of the fight was that Savage was arrested for assault and Clary decided to leave Kelly’s love triangle. 

Clary has now been providing updates on her Instagram of her “Surviving R. Kelly” journey. She was ecstatic to reunite with her family upon leaving the disgraced singer’s clutches. Now that she is free, she is also resuming her hobby of dancing. On Monday (Jan. 20), she posted a video of her dancing alone in a dark room with the following caption: “I haven’t stepped inside of a dancing studio in 6 years and I haven’t did choreography in 6 years. it’s almost therapeutic to be doing regular things again.”

According to TMZ, Clary believes that she was “brainwashed, manipulated and mistreated” by R. Kelly. It was also reported that she wishes to provide information to the feds about him in order to build their case, but she fears repercussions for having lied on his behalf during previous inquiries. 


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