Baby Yoda Torments The Mandalorian With His Fire Music In Latest Viral Meme


Let my man have the aux! In the latest Baby Yoda meme to blow up on the Internet, the cutest little green creature to ever exist is just trying to vibe, and the Mandalorian is being a hater. On Friday, the fourth episode of the Star Wars franchise series, The Mandalorian, aired on Disney+. The episode features a scene where the now-infamous unnamed character who has come to be known as “Baby Yoda” (due to him looking like a baby and being of the same species as the original Yoda character, not because he is actually Yoda as a baby) is riding with the Mandalorian in a spaceship. Baby Yoda can be seen playing with the buttons on the dashboard, which prompts the Mandalorian to press different buttons to stop him. However, the little guy is relentless, and continues to press the buttons until the Mandalorian has to pick him up and puts him in his lap.

Like everything that features the Internet’s new favourite infant, the scene is too adorable. It also makes it look as though Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian are fighting over the radio or the aux cord, which inspired a new viral meme. Twitter users are editing a song of their choosing into the scene so that it plays every time Baby Yoda presses the button again, and the results are hysterical.

While many of the songs choices have been from the rap genre, probably due to the comedic effect of a baby blasting Lil Jon and Juvenile, Twitter users proved that any type of music works in this meme.

Praying that the Baby Yoda meme train never stops.


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