Bad Bunny Receives Glowing Review From Drew McIntyre


WrestleMania 37 is going down this weekend and fans are excited for a weekend of wrestling glory that will see some of the world’s best get in the ring and deliver some much-needed entertainment. Perhaps the most surprising fight of the weekend is between The Miz and world-renowned superstar Bad Bunny. The artist is a huge wrestling fan and over the past few months, he has been a large part of the WWE storyline.

Despite delivering solid performances, some wrestling purists are upset about Bad Bunny’s inclusion, and they have voiced their displeasure on social media. While speaking to TMZ, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre laced into those fans saying that Bad Bunny is extremely passionate and has been putting a whole lot of work in.

Bad Bunny

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Spotify

“Realistically, this is going to draw a lot of new eyes,” McIntyre said. “He’s not somebody that’s just showing up for a paycheck. He doesn’t have to. He’s done pretty well in his chosen field of music, [he] won a Grammy. […] He’s there week in, week out. I’ve been observing him from afar, he has a genuine passion for this. He’s putting the work in, he’s training almost every single day.”

There is no telling how this match works out although if you’re a fan of Bad Bunny, this is about to be a whole lot of fun. Hopefully, he is able to deliver a great performance and shut all of the purists up, once and for all.