Baker Mayfield Explains Why He Shaved His Handlebar Stache: Watch


Baker Mayfield came into this season with many pundits believing he could finally lead the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs. What started off as a promising season quickly became a disaster as the team now has a record of 2-6 through eight games this season and almost have no shot at making it to the playoffs. The Browns hit a low point on Sunday when they lost to the lowly Denver Broncos who have been awful offensively this season. 

After the game, Mayfield caught a lot of flack for his post-game look and was even clowned for changing his facial hair. Before the game, Mayfield was rocking a handlebar mustache but after the loss, he chopped it off for just a regular stache. The media pressed him on it recently and he finally divulged on what happened.

Essentially, Mayfield explained that he didn’t deserve it because prior to Sunday, he was undefeated while rocking the handlebars. Had the team won the game, he probably would have kept himself like that for the rest of the season. Regardless, it appears to be a little bit of an arbitrary superstition especially with the Browns in their current situation.

With eight games left, Mayfield will have to bank on much more than a mustache if they want to march their way into a better record. At this point, the Browns are looking for a mini-miracle.


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