“Bambi” Will Be The Next Disney Film To Get A Live-Action Remake


Following the success of live-action remakes for Disney films like Aladdin, The Lion King and the upcoming undersea adventure The Little Mermaid, it’s now looking like Bambi will be brought to life as well in this ongoing theatrical trend.

The tragic scene featured above is the one of many that people who remember the original 1942 animated classic will be watching to see remade in real-life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney execs have hired Geneva Robertson-Dworet of Captain Marvel fame, along with Lindsey Beer who impressed with Chaos Walking, to team up for the screenplay. Production will be handled by Depth of Field, which is ran by Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz and Andrew Miano, who also will be spearheading the live-action remake of Pinocchio. 

Here’s how The Hollywood Reproter is breaking down some of the technical details:

Insiders say the studio views Bambi as a type of companion piece to its remakes The Jungle Book and The Lion King, which were not live-action per se but certainly made to look that way. The two, both hits (Lion King generated $1.65 billion when it was released last year), were made using envelope-pushing CG technology to create ground-breaking photo-realistic and immersive worlds of nature. The studio is cognizant that Bambi is less epic in scope and story and is not aiming to shoehorn a larger narrative onto the classic tale. 

If all goes as planned, Bambi will follow in the billion-dollar success of its predecessor films like The Lion King and Aladdin. Let us know if you’re down to sit through a Bambi live-action film down in the comments.

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