Barack Obama Hits Charles Barkley With Fat Jokes


Over the past few months, numerous politicians have been doing vaccine campaigns to educate people about the COVID-19 breakthroughs and why people should go out and get their shots. There are still some folks out there who think the vaccine was made too quickly and that it’s a form of population control. Meanwhile, those who have gotten their vaccines have been protected from the virus and the death tolls have quickly lowered as a result.

Former President Barack Obama is among those doing these campaigns and recently, he spoke to Charles Barkley and Shaq about why people need to get the vaccine. “We don’t know the kinds of long terms effects that were having. There’s some folks who get it and 6 months later and they’re still not feeling quite right,” Obama said.

The former President also hit Barkley with some fat jokes during the interview as he spoke about Barkley’s daughter’s wedding and how Chuck lost weight for the event.

Charles Barkley

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for The Match

“You also felt like you need to get in shape because The Hora (the traditional Jewish dance) when you’re lifting the chair, nobody could do that at your current weight,” Obama said. Barkley immediately laughed the whole thing off which is typical for Chuck as he typically takes these kinds of things like a champ.

As for the vaccine, millions of doses continue to be given across the United States and it’s looking likely that everyone who wants to be vaccinated will get their shots by the Summer.