Bari Takes Off On New Song, “F*ck My Past”


Bari could’ve been satisfied with dropping one of the hottest hip hop projects of 2019 with MSTRGLSS, but he continues to shower us with banging songs. Since MSTRGLSS dropped in February, Bari has blessed us with five tracks, four of which have arrived in the past two weeks. As of now, his new loosies are only available on SoundCloud, but they’re worth exiting your preferred streaming service for a moment to listen to them. 

“Fuck My Past” may be the most exhilarating of the bunch. It has Bari showcasing his vocal dexterity that can confuse into thinking there are five different artists featured on a track when it’s really just a dazzling one-man show. He oscillates between crooning in a falsetto and spitting in his usual baritone. While there are moments on the track where the St. Louis rapper bars out, others are filled with ad-libs that border on moaning and wheezing. The noises and lyrics emitted from Bari become inextricable parts of the pulsating soundscape. 

“Fuck My Past” is produced by PRODXVZN and Blake Wright, the latter of whom is also responsible for Ghetto Sage’s new track, “Haagen Dazs.” The contortions of PRODXVZN’s futuristic beats and the way Bari manages to navigate them is emblematic of what makes everything coming out of the Zero Fatigue collective so exciting. 

Quotable Lyrics

Why they hate? I don’t know
Why they fake? I don’t know
Why they late? I don’t know
I’m with the Terror


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