Bas Calls On Ari Lennox & KIDDOMINANT To Revel In Pan-African Vibes


The Sudanese–American lyricist, hailing from Queens, New York is getting back to his roots in his latest visual offering for the single “Amnesia” off his Spilled Milk Vol. 1 mixtape.  Bas called upon the likes of rising stars in the hip-hop and R&B community, the famed Ari Lennox and Nigerian DJ turned musician KIDDOMINANT. 

The 32-year-old, Grammy-nominated, emcee effortlessly skates over the Afrobeat-inspired instrumentation crooning about his desire to start a family with an admirer. KIDDOMINANT added authenticity to the track providing the song’s chorus in autotuned fashion alongside Bas. Ari Lennox contributed an angelic verse/bridge delivered in her unique vocal cadence. 

Aesthetically, the video remains in perfect unison with the Afrobeat vibes of the track, providing viewers with imagery of Afrocentric themes. Dark skin tones are illuminated by bright garbs, colorful backdrops, and clear skies as all three musicians flawlessly deliver their contributions to the Pan-African themed hymn. 

Check out the visuals to Bas’ latest musical offering in “Amnesia” in the video provided above.  


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