Bazzi Drops Off Romantic New Single, “I Got You”


Bazzi came through with his latest single, “I Got You,” on Friday, and there’s no question that this kid is in love. Following in the footsteps of his two previously released tracks earlier this year, “Young & Alive” and “Renee’s Song,” Bazzi’s most recent offering rides the same lovestruck wave, depicting a man head over heels who reassures his lover he’s got her back no matter what. Considering Bazzi dedicated “Renee’s Song” to his long-time girlfriend on their two-year-anniversary, it’s safe to assume that the sentimental message in “I Got You” is directed towards Ms. Renee as well. Bazzi gave a sneak peek of the single earlier this week on Twitter, announcing that he had vowed to make a new song on Monday as soon as he opened his eyes.

“I woke up today & decided i would make a song and put it online no matter what…” he tweeted. “I think it actually turned out kinda hard lol TWITTER WHAT DO WE THINK?” Bazzi is currently preparing to drop a new album pretty soon, so keep an eye out for more singles off the untitled project. 

Quotable Lyrics

I like your skin and your hair and the way that you talk
You a bad little thing, got the step in your walk
OGs in the game, they be in love with my “Star”
I know I haven’t been a lover, I’ll be here for a while


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