Bbno$ & Diamond Pistols Make A Good Argument For Breaking Up With “Help Herself”


Since appearing on our 3 New Artists You Should Hear list back in 2017, bbno$ has been doing his best to put Vancouver on the map through an eclectic take on rap music. With his latest single, “Help Herself,” the viral funnyman behind the mic decides to get serious for a bit with help from electronic music sensation Diamond Pistols.

Bbno$ Diamond Pistols "Help Herself"
Image: Martin Philbey/Redferns

“Help Herself” isn’t hip-hop in the least bit — save the “this ain’t rap” comments for another writer who cares! —  but we give it a pass due to Alexander’s track record as a genre-bending star amongst the current wave of Internet emcees. As with most songs in our musical stratosphere, this one deals with love and heartbreak. The approach is a bit different though in terms of the lyrical content, with bbno$ lamenting about being the one doing wrong in the relationship and taking blame for being an emotional wreck. Maybe it’s the maturity that comes from the subject matter, or maybe it’s just that the song sounds really melodic and upbeat at the same time, but we can definitely rock with this one for the simple fact that he’s being honest about, well, sucking at relationships. We’ve all been there, broday — just do better for the next shorty in your life!

Take a listen to “Help Herself” by bbno$ & Diamond Pistols below, and let us know down below in the comments if this alt rock tune is going in your music rotation or you’ll just wait for the Canadian rapper to get back to rap:

Quotable Lyrics:

She can’t help herself at all
She’s falling deep in love
Can’t give you what you want
My bad, I messed this up
Can barely help myself
I’m falling out of love
Can’t give you what you want
My bad, I messed this up