bbno$ Releases “I Don’t Care At All” Album


Everything about bbno$ is very Internet. He blew up overseas after a Chinese boy band danced to one of his songs. The Vancouver-born artist’s North American popularity caught up when “Lalala” became a viral hit off TikTok. His new album, “i don’t care at all”, is infused with all the humour and indifference of online culture. Its title is obviously enough to confirm that, but just to make sure you get the message, it contains a track that re-emphasizes this sentiment and specifies where it comes from. “I DON’T CARE AT ALL CAUSE I GOT MONEY!!!!!!!” is a jolty ditty that appears like it would be a celebration, but features more deadpan delivery. 

The entire project is produced by Y2K, who is also responsible for “Lalala”. He furnishes an impressive array of beats for bbno$ to mess around with. They all feel like little experiments to see what sticks and the lack of concern over whether they will or not lends them a certain charm. “pop song” starts by clarifying that it came about in response to the label’s request and bbno$ ironically plays along with the rules of the dumb game like a true millennial. The millennial-ness shines through on “jimmy neutron” too, which capitalizes on web-based nostalgia for early 2000’s children’s programming. 


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