Bbymutha Shares “The Bastard Tapes Vol. 2”


Considering the depth of her discography, it’s surprising that Bbymutha has yet to release her debut albumMuthaland. Her debut was slated to drop back in April, but never materialized. Instead, we get Bastard Tapes, Vol. 2 right before the year comes to a close, which is incredibly satisfying nonetheless. It adds to a string of sizzling EPs from the Chattanooga rapper that proves she should be included in every conversation regarding today’s top lyricists. 

Bbymutha’s vocals are mixed to the top of every track and every bar is seared into your brain. Her emphatic pronunciation of each word ensures you feel the intention behind it. The haunting beats – sourced from Downtime, Winslow Donovan, Coffeeblack, Rock Floyd, Paris Aden x Peace – make the threats and boasts she spits even more incisive. On the sub-bass heavy “Green Candle Music”, she hilariously raps that she’s “been a popular topic with bitches that look like hobbits.” Alongside the militant moments, she is equally sincere and generous. “Gun in my clip and my heart on my sleeve,” she declares on “Ratchet And Clank”. “Sweeter Than A Savage” is the most shining example of that on this tape. The game is lucky to have a rapper as honest and talented as Bbymutha. 




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