BeatStars Founder Abe Batshon Is Changing The Way Beats Are Sold: The Plug


Abe Batshon is running the biggest beat marketplace in the world. If you’re a recording artist, you already know about BeatStars. The website and app provides millions of instrumentals for rappers and singers to lease on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis. Allowing producers around the world with an opportunity to market their talent to potential collaborators and artists, BeatStars has too many success stories attached to it. These days, everybody is cruising the web looking for the hottest new beats. Whether you’re checking for a “type” beat or you want something nobody has ever heard before, Batshon’s platform is the go-to for you. We caught up with the entrepreneur for the latest episode of The Plug, where he discussed his come-up story, why he’ll never take full credit for the success of the business venture, and which artists he’s directly worked with.

A high school dropout, the founder and CEO of BeatStars has always been a music junkie. He started off as a rapper himself, creating BeatStars to try and entice producers to send him vibes that he can use for his own material. Eventually, it blew up to become the most prominent online music production marketplace. 

With everybody wanting to be the next big thing in music, BeatStars is the perfect platform for somebody looking for an inexpensive method of creation. If you look at Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” success, which was bolstered by a beat that YoungKio had uploaded to BeatStars, it’s clear that anybody can win with Batshon’s website. 

Watch our full sit-down chat with the founder of BeatStars above.


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