Ben Askren Claims He Made Jorge Masvidal Famous


Ben Askren will be going up against the likes of Jake Paul next month in a boxing match that will certainly bring forth a ton of hype and even some big debates. This is Paul’s toughest test yet and to make sure he wins, he has enlisted the likes of Jorge Masvidal to help him take down Askren. Masvidal knocked out Askren in a record six seconds, so he knows a thing or two about bringing down the UFC fighter.

Of course, Askren isn’t too happy with the slander that Masvidal has been spewing on social media, and yesterday, he made a bold claim as he tried to say that he made Masvidal famous. Askren says the knee to the head was very lucky and that Kamaru Usman is going to destroy him in a second-straight fight.

“I’ve refrained for 2 years, but let’s be real Jorge. You landed the luckiest knee of your life and I made you famous. You’re welcome. You got 50-43’d by Usman and will likely again next month. Beat it loser,” Askren wrote.

Most UFC fans would disagree with Askren as his UFC career didn’t last very long. Askren retired fairly quickly and now he is fighting YouTubers, which isn’t necessarily the best look if you’re trying to come at Masvidal. Having said all that, Askren knows how to drum up hype, and that’s exactly what he’s doing here.

Jorge Masvidal

Ethan Miller/Getty Images