Ben Askren Roasted For His Dad-Bod Prior To Jake Paul Fight


Ben Askren is a world-renowned MMA fighter who has won some pretty big fights over the course of his career. Now, Askren is retired from Mixed Martial Arts and is taking his talents to the boxing ring. On Saturday, Askren is going up against Jake Paul and surprisingly, there are a whole lot of doubters out there, with many claiming that Paul is a lock to win the fight. Despite this, most people on the internet would prefer that Askren wins, as Paul isn’t exactly the most likable character out there.

Yesterday, the weigh-in took place in Atlanta and while Paul seemed to be in excellent shape, Askren appeared to be in a much different state. In fact, Askren pulled up to the weigh-in with a dad-bod, almost as if he hasn’t been doing any sort of training for this fight.

Ben Askren

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Twitter immediately caught on to his appearance and rushed to the platform to deliver a plethora of jokes at his expense. Some noted that it seems like Askren simply doesn’t care about the fight and would rather just show up for the money. Others correctly noted that plenty of other fighters with dad-bods have won in the past and that his physical appearance shouldn’t have any sort of effect on whether or not he’s able to win.

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