Ben Simmons Makes Revelation About His 3-Point Shot


Over the last few seasons, Ben Simmons has been one of the best rookies in the league. Okay, all jokes aside, he is definitely one of the most dominant big men in the NBA right now and continues to show off his strength while in the paint. What makes Simmons unique, however, is the fact that he is a terrible three-point shooter, despite being a point guard. You can count on one finger how many three-pointers he has hit in his career and he continues to be roasted for his lack of a jump shot.

Simmons has been adamant that he’s working hard on developing his shot although the results simply aren’t there yet. Despite this, in a new ESPN feature, Simmons promised that he will soon be ready to start attempting more threes.

Ben Simmons

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“I feel like I want to take them now as opposed to being asked to force them up. It could be during the playoffs,” Simmons said. “I’ve prepped so much for it, when I do it, it will work.”

This latest revelation should be music to the ears of 76ers fans everywhere who have been waiting for Simmons to make that leap. If he can start raining down threes in the playoffs, the Sixers could very well become title contenders.



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