Ben Simmons Praised For His New-Found Aggressiveness


Ben Simmons is an enigma when it comes to his play on the court. Some nights, Simmons looks like a top 5 player in the league, and other nights, he just simply can’t catch a break. Recently, Simmons has received criticism for not being aggressive enough although last night, he was able to change that narrative at the drop of a dime. In a massive win against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Simmons scored 13 points although it was his play in the early stages of the game that had people excited.

The Sixers superstar dropped a couple of mid-range jumpers which is rare for Simmons. He was extremely aggressive and it helped the Sixers set the tone. His play was so good that it impressed Joel Embiid, who had a glowing review of his teammate after the game.

Ben Simmons

Elsa/Getty Images

“I tell him all the time,” Embiid said via Sixers Wire. “First of all, I want them to be aggressive versus every single team, whether it’s make plays or whether it’s to look for his shot, he’s got to be aggressive. He’s got to make guys on the other team guard him. I was really excited when he made those two shots. He’s starting to be comfortable and he’s getting back to where he was right before All-Star so he’s got to keep on doing it.”

With the win, the Sixers are now tied for first place in the Eastern Conference standings with the Brooklyn Nets. Both of these teams are the favorites in the East right now, and we can’t wait to see what kind of energy they will bring in the playoffs.