Benny The Butcher, Harry Fraud, & Rick Hyde Connect For “Survivor’s Remorse”


A few weeks ago, Benny The Butcher and Harry Fraud united for The Plugs I Met 2, an early album-of-the-year contender from two experts in their respective fields. Today, a new video for the Rick Hyde-assisted “Survivor’s Remorse” has landed, directed by The Digggers. It’s not entirely surprising to see The Butcher opt to make this one his new single, as it’s been widely praised as one of the album’s standout tracks. 

Despite the strong thematic direction explored in both Rick Hyde and Benny’s verses, the clip itself is straightforward enough, as both parties post up and spit bars in their environment. There’s a rawness throughout that captures the essence of “Survivor’s Remorse,” and this no-frills approach places all the attention on Benny and Hyde — two compelling performers who recite their experiences with gravitas and conviction. 

“Remember when I told Black to give me a mission,” raps Benny, the weight of his reflections evident. “He pulled up in fifteen minutes to give me a biscuit / I thought about this rap shit and had to stick to the business / I changed my mind, he didn’t, now he doin’ twenty in Clinton — and that could’ve been me.” Hyde keeps stride with his BSF partner, closing out his verse with a hard-hitting stanza. “That won’t change your situation when your mama and them stressed / If it’s sixty when it’s wholesale, it’s ninety with the Fent,” he spits. “Grab your pot and grab your scale, it gets colder than Quebec.”

Check out the new visuals for “Survivor’s Remorse” now, and sound off — do you think it’s a standout off Benny The Butcher and Harry Fraud’s The Plugs I Met 2?