Benny The Butcher Is Down For A Drake Collab


During his sit down on the Rap Radar podcast, Drake dropped a notable co-sign in favor of Griselda Records, highlighting the collective’s penchant for more complex and thoughtful raps in contrast to the commonly regurgitated formula of filler lines in hip-hop’s younger landscape these days. 

“I think what they’re doing is great.” he said. “It just reminds me of a different time and it’s not easy to do. To make that music and just come off wavy and be interesting.”

When pressed about whether we would possibly hear a collaboration from Drake and the collective, the rapper confirmed that he’d be down to hop on a track with Benny the Butcher, mentioning a time that Benny shouted him out in an interview in the past. Naturally, Griselda caught wind up the notice from Drizzy, and Benny effectively issued a double down, extending the formal invitation for Drake to join him when he’s ready.

“Let’s go,” he penned in a clip of the moment on Instagram.”This would fuck ni–as up.”

Westside Gunn also made note of the co-sign uploading a snippet of the interview as well, and taking the opportunity to wish Drake a happy holiday season. We’ve seen Drake pretty much adapt to any musical landscape. So, a Griselda record would be interesting to see. 

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