Benny The Butcher & Ransom Link On Hard-Hitting “Spineless”


Fans have just got themselves settled into his Harry Fraud joint effortThe Plugs I Met 2, but Benny The Butcher isn’t one who allows lulls between projects. The Griselda rapper consistently delivers music that makes his fellow artists green with envy, and this time around, he linked with Ransom on “Spineless.” The track is said to be featured on Trust The Sopranos, a mash-up of .38 Spesh’s Trust Gang Family and Benny’s Black Soprano Family. The project is slated for release on the last day of the month, and by the sound of things, it’s coming in hot.

“Benny and I have been partners in rhyme for years, so it only made sense to align our respective brands and bring our talented rosters together for a monumental compilation album,” said Spesh. Stream “Spineless” with Benny The Butcher and Ransom and let us know if you’re looking forward to Trust the Sopranos.

Quotable Lyrics

They don’t gotta give us our credit, we proud of ourselves
My daughters won’t grow up like me, we fathered ourselves
This the type of sh*t that I’m really on
Forgive me for fallin’ out with friends I got too busy for
Made me take the Rollie off, put the Richard Millie on